Dear Community:

I am sad to announce that on August 16 at 5pm, House of the Transfiguration will celebrate our final Mass and then we will close our doors. (We had previously announced Mass on the 9th, so please note the new date.)

For the past two years we have met together, prayed together, laughed and cried together. We have remained small from the beginning and have struggled to grow.

After prayer and many conversations we realize that what we want isn’t sustainable. Our decision is to close now. To bless one another and release each other. To end well.

On the 16th we will revisit the story of The Transfiguration and explore what it means to us as a community and what it has to speak into our future. That Sunday will be a day for us to celebrate what we have accomplished together.

Thank you for being a part of this community: for prayer for me and for us, for loving and committing, for being present and for taking a chance on this experiment. I am so proud of us and I hope you are, too.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And if there are ways that I can support you, pray for you, or encourage you, I am here. Please reach out. I hope that this is not goodbye; that we will continue to be in one another’s lives. If I can help to connect you to other communities, please let me know.

My love and prayers to you all,

Fr. Shay Kearns

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